Who We Are

Our Brand Promise

The HR Leadership Group of Northeast Ohio provides human resource leaders with the latest thinking, programs, resources and network of peers to enhance their professional growth and drive the business performance of their organizations.

Our Brand Pillars

Strategic Leader Membership

Our members are Northeast Ohio Human Resources Leadership Professionals, who are practitioners, consultants and academics, and who focus on HR strategy and workforce development functions for their organizations. Members of this diverse group are decision makers who influence the business performance of their organization. This is a group of HR professionals who are focused on creating organizational impact through the development of human capital.

Premier Programming

The organization develops premier HR programming focused on the latest, strategic topics regarding people and business. Every year, we offer programs and bring in renowned expert speakers and innovators to educate the HR community on the latest in strategy and planning, leadership development, organizational effectiveness and talent management for organizations in Northeast Ohio. The high quality of our programs and the topics that we address are a direct result of thought-leaders sharing their knowledge.

Strategic Peer Community

By creating a peer community, we are able to create a culture of collaboration and networking in order to drive organizational impact for our members. This no-pressure community gives each member the opportunity to create relationships to further develop their careers. We have created a forum and network that bring together the highest-level of thinking and engagement needed to give our members exposure to innovative workforce solutions that are critical to the businesses of Northeast Ohio.

Driving Organizational Performance

Our leadership group is focused on gaining and sharing the latest, strategic HR knowledge in order to help our members drive the performance of their organizations. The purpose of the HR Leadership Group is to give our leaders the resources to further drive the strategic effectiveness of their businesses and help their organizations obtain business success through leveraging a highly-developed workforce and leadership.