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Members of HR Leadership Group of Northeast Ohio value their membership because it provides opportunities to:

  • attend high impact, cutting edge programs featuring well-respected authors and speakers
  • engage in effective peer and mentor networking
  • access a comprehensive on-line membership directory to assist in building a professional network

Through these experiences, members benefit from:

  • developing a broader perspective on human resource issues
  • foreseeing trends and immediately applying learnings
  • increasing their ability to impact organizational performance
  • contributing to the growth of the profession

Note: The Board maintains a balance of executive-level HR Practitioners, Academic Practitioners, and executive-level consultants/Service Providers. Our bylaws require that we maintain a mix such that Service Providers may not exceed one third of the total membership. Your application will be reviewed by our Membership Committee, who will contact you with further questions if necessary. Please attach a resume or bio along with your electronic application.